Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Special Gift

Greetings and a Reminder:

I write this blog as we go through ET Mehta Casting with our daughter Olivia. The blog is intended to inform, possibly inspire, and raise awareness of Infantile Scoliosis and its treatment/cure. Please share our story. For more information please check out 

A very special moment happened last week. Close to two years ago a dear friend of ours, Paula, asked permission to use a photograph I had taken of Olivia at my sister’s wedding for a painted quilt hanging. Life got in the way as it does and she began working on it six months later. Paula remained very quiet about the project and I had not seen its progress at all. Last Monday she emailed me asking if we would be home because it was finished and she was hoping to drop it off Wednesday.
The work Paula does is true art. Every detail is meticulously considered and expertly executed from the selection of colors down to the last stitch. I have seen many of the pieces Paula has created and excitedly anticipated the reveal of the piece she was making of Olivia.
I was beyond blown away by the gorgeous piece she gave us, and the amount of love and care you can plainly see she put into it. The photographs do not do it justice. The most touching part, however, was Paula’s explanation of why she was so compelled to recreate the photograph.
“When I was a little girl I was a tomboy who LOVED cowboy boots. First, I saw the boots and I thought, 'oh my goodness!’...Then I noticed how straight her spine was...I knew I had to make this.”
She named the piece “Reach for the Stars” and created a background of stars because she knows Olivia, and her potential to do great things in this life. She also made certain to display Olivia’s spine on the hanging.
Both Paula and her husband Bruce have become very special to us over the past four years. We think the world of both of them and admire how talented and kind they both are. They have become like family to us, and Olivia loves to visit them.
We cannot thank Paula enough for this extremely special gift. It is something we will always cherish.