Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Where Have We Been?!?!?!

Greetings and a Reminder:

I write this blog as we go through ET Mehta Casting with our daughter Olivia. The blog is intended to inform, possibly inspire, and raise awareness of Infantile Scoliosis and its treatment/cure. Please share our story. For more information please check out 


I know! It's been over 6 months since the last time I've written. No news is good news right? Brace life for the most part has been pretty smooth and quiet. Olivia continues to be a trooper, though she does complain now about it being too tight. 

When we went for her appointment in July, one month after receiving her brace mind you, NOPCO was concerned with her growth and wanted to replace the brace. ($$$$) After a second opinion and some gentle persuasion they let us keep the current brace. We have an appointment this Friday morning, which we are anticipating a brace replacement. This, even with insurance, is quite the expense, and a disappointment seeing as we were told she would only need one brace for the duration of the year. What can I say? Our daughter is a weed and just won't stop growing!

The good new is her back is holding beautifully. It's such a wonderful thing to see that nice straight line!

Outside of the world of scoliosis our family has experienced a great new change! We moved into our new home on Labor Day Weekend. Olivia LOVES her new room and big girl bed. She enjoyed a wonderful summer full of swim lessons, dance class, yoga and beach days in Maine. These are activities we will NEVER take for granted. 

Here our some pictures so you can see how much our nugget has grown! 

Coming soon....A new post over the weekend. :-)