Sunday, May 24, 2015

Another Year Has Passed

Greetings and a Reminder:

I write this blog as we go through ET Mehta Casting with our daughter Olivia. The blog is intended to inform, possibly inspire, and raise awareness of Infantile Scoliosis and its treatment/cure. Please share our story. For more information please check out 

It's been three years since we discovered something didn't look right with Olivia's ribs.

 It's been two years to the day that Olivia's last cast was removed and she was fitted for her brace. 

We will be heading up to Children's for her annual some time in July. We, as a family, remain grateful every day for the care we received from Boston Children's Hospital. I am also grateful for finding The Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program. Without them I think I would have been a ball of panic when we received Olivia's diagnosis. They were an amazing resource as we learned as a family how to live a casting life. 

We were all pleasantly surprised the other day when we received an email from one of Olivia's favorite people, Ben. Ben was the gentleman who fitted Olivia for her brace. She still talks about him and asks when she can go and visit Ben. Hearing from him, truly made all of our days. This is what I love about the people we have encountered at Children's. They touch so many lives, and they recognize and individualize each and every life that they touch. They truly are special people who make such a wonderful difference in this world.

 I check her back on my own periodically and love running my finger down her straight spine. Her favorite part of our bedtime routine is a nightly back rub, something I will NEVER deny her. 

Miss O has had a wonderful year!

She is close to completing her first year of preschool at the school I work at and has learned so much!

She has a new cousin!

She decided she wanted to be Mary Poppins for Halloween.

She made a friend at Christmas.

And she had an Annie party for her 4th birthday.

Our girl continues to grow and amaze us every day. 

We thank you for following along on our journey. Here's to many more adventures!


  1. Hooray for another year of a healthy spine! We need to schedule E's check up at Children's as well. I still watch her spine. I still worry about what all the anesthesia did to her growing brain but we put one foot in front of the other. At least we can worry about that while looking at her future. I even keep checking her little bro's spine every time he has his clothes off despite it being so unlikely to have two kids with PIS. ISOP is a literal lifesaver. I can't say enough good things about ISOP.

  2. Hey I am in soo much need to talk to someone that went throught what i am about to encounter. My daughter (Elizabeth:) she just turned 2 20th of August and well is starting back casting monday the 31st. We were in the back brace but didn't help because she didn't cooperate and I couldnt watch her cry all day and so it got worse. 43was starting back in april 90 now! Also we've known sice she was 6months😕 going to children's here in Wisconsin which they are amazing. Anywho I just would like to talk to someone that has gone through similar and see what is coming my way, like clothes? Weather? Pain? Things!? Please if you could reply to me or we could email? Thank you😊 and soo happy to see your princess doing awesome!